What’s With The Title?

My hubby hated the word “domestic”…thought it had a negative connotation.  But when I thought about all of the things I was going to post about…the house, the dogs, my kids, our relationship and so many others…I thought of them as “all things domestic”.  And knowing that I was going to start a blog there was one thing that I always wanted to be…honest.  The two words just fit perfectly together.  So if you want to read about the new tablecloth I bought or if my hubby has learned how to shut a cupboard door…and read about what products may or may not work from qvc or what happened the first time I was really….really sick in front of my husband…then read on my friends.  It’s going to be rude at times, I will speak highly of prayer, I may type a cuss word or call someone a bad name…because one thing I promise to be at all times, in every post……..is honest.

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