Tupperware Parties

I decided to lighten it up a little today since the last few seemed a bit heavy. I was asked by a friend who sells make-up to come over and try a new facial technology, by way of a free facial. She needs opinions before she starts backing this stuff and needed someone to try. She offered for me to bring some friends if I wanted because the more opinions…the better.

So I set out asking a few girls I know if they wanted to come over….it was AWKWARD. You know I must have written and re-written the text I sent them at least four times. So I started wondering why? I’m asking some girls to come over for a free facial and some much needed girl time…why is it so hard to ask?!

Its because the minute you hit 20 something you will be plagued with an endless amount of fake party invites….you know the ones…the pretty invite that tells you they want you to come over and just hang out…they don’t want you to buy anything? They will serve you food and drinks if only you give them some time…

But we all know….we know that when we get there….things change. The deal is suddenly too good to pass up…the pressure is too great for you to be the ONLY one not buying anything…or God help you, you booked a party to get a bunch of free stuff and now YOU have to find ten other friends to send that dreadful invite too.   It doesn’t matter if they’re selling candles, make-up, hair extensions or the newest in plastic food storage….all the sudden you walk in and know…you’re going to have to buy some.  Then you are walking home with your 80 dollar charger (those huge plates you can use for centerpieces and put candles on and stuff…I just learned the word)….and you are thinking how you can’t even use it…what if it breaks??! It’s the most expensive “table setting” thing you have ever bought!  And why?

That’s what I dwelled on today. The why. You see when I texted those friends I knew what they would think…a scam…where would they get suckered? What was the secret deal I was getting out of it? That’s why I had to rewrite the text four times. To be crystal clear that this wasn’t a so called “party” and that they could exhale now.

Now of course there’s a time when you like these parties, maybe you really need what they’re selling, or maybe a new friend is really trying to go into business on their own and you would love to help support them…but for the most part I find that everyone eats the cheese and crackers and secretly hopes no one will notice they bought the cheapest item available.

I write this post so we all know we are not alone. I know there are many like me out there. So next time…stay strong my ladies! Be the example. It’s OK to browse…go for the company and thank them politely and leave. No one will talk about your “lack of support” or how “you’re finances must be really tight”….and if they do….you go ahead and let them maul that over while they’re setting their table with an 80 dollar charger and wondering if they know ten other people to send an invite to for the party they now must host….good news is…you probably won’t get one!

Article by Brenna Cudzilo

Wife and world record holder of wing-sauce ordered with food not comprised of the words "wings, boneless, buffalo, et al.".

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  1. You KNOW in my life, I have had and gone to a FEW of these! You are right! It really is ok to just go and have fun!

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