The Prayer

I got a new phone recently.  Everything from the old one transferred pretty easily, except for my music.  I have my Itunes backed up on the computer at the house but I have to plug my phone into it and download somehow.  I’m not sure if we’ve already established this fact but I’m about as good with technology as a four year old…from the year 1982.  I joke with Andy that this was the main reason I married him…because of his tech-savvy ways.  Either way I need to have him put my music on my new phone and well….I know that’s going to take a while.

My father owns a restaurant.  It’s been his business all my life.  He is great at it…beyond great…supernatural.  He does everything from snake the sewer and shovel the walkway to flip the eggs and seat the people.  It was always the joke of our household that he could cook all day long at work but if he was in charge of dinner at home it was pizza or wieners and beans…….That’s kind of how it is in my  house with technology.  Andy has a job that I couldn’t even explain if I tried.  He is in front of a computer all day doing amazing things that I believe are genius level.  However when at home…our technology comes last.  So I certainly did not have high hopes for my new phone.

It’s been about a month.  And although it is not all his fault (I of course have to be home the same time as him which happens next to never) it is also not on the top of our “to-do” list when we do get the rare amount of time together.  So as it stands…there is one song that for whatever reason managed to make it to my new phone.  The song is called “The Prayer”.  It’s the version with Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion.  I walked down the aisle to this song the day I married him. I love this song.  I believe in the words and I think it’s peaceful and full of hope.  It’s the only song on my phone.

This wouldn’t be a big issue in our old life.  The life we had before my sister had triplets.  But with all the babies we’ve had in our house I use my phone on a regular basis to play music when my voice has become hoarse from singing “you are my sunshine” for the 89,389th time.  So this week when I had one of the babies I heard this song…..a lot.  I played it on repeat…it seemed to go over well with my Blake.  At times I played it so much I felt like I was going to reach through the phone and tell Celine to shut-up.  Other times when it seemed to be all that would make him peaceful I wanted to send her flowers.  But regardless…it was in my brain day in and day out.

The song is asking for God to guide us.  It’s asking for him to be our eyes…show us the way and help us through so many things in this life that we do not yet see.  Today alone I received two HUGE prayer requests.  One for a friend who is unsure of her health…the other for my sister who has a father-in-law who is not well.  For respect to them I will not go into details but to say that the prayers are great and the stakes are high.

Some people who may read this someday will not be “pray-ers”…maybe they have never opened their mouths to speak to any “higher power”.  Others may pray frequently for things that seem petty (I believe there is nothing wrong with that…I am famous for asking God to open up a close parking spot when the weather is so cold)…and others may be frequent “pray-ers” who know the stakes are always high and that people are always in great need.

For me…today…with all the reality that hit quite hard and close to home…I just began to think of this song that I had listened to so many times this week.  I pray over my nephew…or any baby I am in the care-taking position of.  I pray that God will watch over them and keep them from harm.  I also pray frequently for requests such that I received today.  The big ones.  However it has also been on my heart today that I need to be reminded to pray for all of those little things as well.  I’m not talking about the parking spot I want…I’m talking about the prayer of thankfulness.  It never hurts to be reminded that every once in awhile we should just give a little thanks….just say…”Hey…God…I’m not asking for anything this time…I just want to say thanks for the blessings….my house…my job…my health…my families health…thanks”.

It takes mere minutes.  It takes as long as a text or a quick phone call.  It takes as long as it takes to pull up your show on your dvr.  It’s so quick.  But it reminds us.  It reminds us that life is a gift and that we should be thankful.  It reminds us that God is powerful and miracles are possible.  It reminds us that even in the worst of times, there is always someone looking on us and watching what we do and how we react.

I will be saying many prayers tonight.  Prayers asking for favors from God and prayers being thankful in the same breath.  Prayers believing in His plan and prayers telling him I trust what he is doing.  I will remember the song I have heard a hundred times this week.  I will remember that it asks God to help us and “guide us with His grace”.  And I will continue to believe that miracles are not only possible…but probable.

I am thankful that there was one song transferred to my new phone.  I am thankful that there hasn’t been time to transfer the rest.  I am thankful to it being played so much this week that it is fresh in my head and in the forefront of my heart.  I am thankful because this is what my family needs tonight.  This is what I will choose to focus on and give my energy to.  This will be my prayer tonight.

Article by Brenna Cudzilo

Wife and world record holder of wing-sauce ordered with food not comprised of the words "wings, boneless, buffalo, et al.".

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