The Fam

I write a lot about them.  They are my people.  You can find my oldest sister, Alisa, at “Hot Mess Mama” where she can tell you about raising triplets.  You can find my other sister, Tara, at “Consider the Fields” where she can tell you all about foster care and the broken system she’s willing to try and fix.

I don’t take one day for granted that we are all still here to laugh through all of our stories with.

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  1. Bren, what a beautiful insight into your heart! Kudos for your deep thoughts about what is a “what is left of life” decision. Being a parent is not something you can change your mind on but if God wanted you to think THAT hard, he wouldn’t have made making babies so much fun! If you’d like a little more time of the late mornings, cuddling, dating, that’s okay! Just know you will be a great parent team when you jump! lots of love, little one!

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