Spring…is it ever coming?

This weather has been some of the toughest we’ve seen in years.  The cold days have been colder…the wind…harsher…the snow fall…barricading.  Now as we sit here in March we are all wondering if it will ever stop?  I try to think back to the winters that came before.  The ones where I actually wished for more snow so there would be a white Christmas.  It’s really hard to think of those days now.

I’m starting to think this weather is really changing the people around us too.  It seems that everyone is a little more grumpy…quick to snap…easy to irritate.  I totally get it.  I have been finding myself lethargic.  There are those days still when the sun shines and the temperature crawls up around 35…I try to take them in, open my windows and get moving.  However no sooner do I get the rush…the sun sets and the cold moves in and with it…comes the inability to be productive apparently.

My husband and I have a theory when it comes to babies.  We spoil, we don’t like bedtime and we most certainly do NOT like crying babies (yes of course we’re talking about all the ones that aren’t ours and I’m sure our mindset would be different if it was full-time).  So when bed time comes and the music is playing and the tummies are full and the temperature is perfect…and someone is still not happy about going down…..we don’t.  You see…babies do need a lot of sleep, and they like to sleep…when they’re ready.  So in our “spoil-house” we just go back downstairs and play a little longer.  They’re usually happy about coming back down the stairs (if they’re not happy then I push for bed time because that means there’s nothing I can do).  After a little more bouncing or some dancing we are usually holding an already sleeping baby in our hands before we even go back upstairs.  Sleep is inevitable…and so is spring.

Winter can fight…it can push…it can nod off and close it’s eyes and then wake alert with a new fight.  It can struggle for a long, long time….but eventually…it must concede.  That is what is keeping me going almost every day…the thought that it can’t hang on forever.  There will be a time for flip flops and tank tops and someday I will be able to look out at my back deck and I will not see snow covering it.  It must happen.  It has to happen.  I will wait for it to happen.

Until that day I have started giving myself some new challenges. I have started forcing myself to do one “spring cleaning” like job every day.  I know the day will come when the weather is right and by some miracle it coincides with a day off and I will be able to clean this house from top to bottom.  But I am done waiting for it. I know right now doing all that is on the list just seems overwhelming.  It is also terrible because it is still so cold out and snow is still in the forecast.  But just one job.  One job is doable.  It seems to be helping my spirits too.  Just that one job gives me a little lift to get through the day.

So I urge you to try it.  Not just the normal house keeping stuff like running the vacuum or dusting…but the big jobs.  The ones that make you feel accomplished and make you fall in love with your house all over again.  You know that feeling right?  The one were you just cleaned or updated something and you suddenly remember what you loved when you bought the house?  How good you felt first moving stuff in?  For me this weekend it was cleaning out some closets…I love to purge.  Out it went to the nearest donation center.  Try it.  I find that most times people who say they can’t get organized simply have too much stuff!  If you don’t use it…get rid of it.  If it has dust on it…toss it.  If it’s expired or out of style…end of the road.  Why do we feel like we need so much stuff?  I think we all know deep down that it’s not “stuff” that makes us successful…so break the ties and lose it.  It feels so good to live in an organized space.  One closet can really make you feel like you’ve got your “stuff” together.  I could go on and on with this “get rid of it” topic but I think that’s a different post and I want to stay on point.

So organize away.  Purge.  How about some heavy cleaning?  When was the last time your windows were washed inside AND out.  How about dusting everything that hangs in your house…like pictures or artwork.  I find that I often overlook those ones.  How about that basement?  Relax.  It’s ok.  Take it shelf by shelf.  Rearrange a room.  That’s what my mom loves to do.  New look.  And moving things allows you access to all those hard to reach areas like behind the couch or under the bed.  How about any updates?  This weekend I touched up my painted kitchen cabinets.  My mother helped me for so many hours the week we bought the house to change the oak cabinets into ivory on top and beautiful chocolate on the bottom. (Shameless plug:  Gianni products have always done me well.  I used them on my cabinets and on my counter top…LOVE).  As the year went on though the cabinets got a few chips in them.  Mostly by the handles and some of the drawers from people leaning up against the counter.  Such a small job.  But never the right time.  This weekend was.  It only took me about an hour, maybe less.  It’s like a brand new kitchen…I had no idea how much those small chips were bothering me.  All gone now.

So try it.  Take just one job.  Just one.  Don’t get crazy.  Although if the bug bites you then by all means…carry on.  But in order to get yourself up off the couch…tell yourself…just one.  Then back to Ellen or The Voice or whatever is on your DVR list.  Just one.  Consider it a personal attack against winter.  Consider it bringing the baby back downstairs for an hour.  We can’t make it come any faster.  We have no control over the weather…but we do have control over what we do…so do it…that one job and tell winter to stick it…and look forward to spring….because it…like sleep…is inevitable.

Article by Brenna Cudzilo

Wife and world record holder of wing-sauce ordered with food not comprised of the words "wings, boneless, buffalo, et al.".

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