Snowed In

Winter gave it’s last (hopefully) big push yesterday.  Roads shut down, driving ban through most counties, schools closed and businesses too.  Andy’s work closed for the first time in almost a decade.  He was headed back home before I even left for my shift at work.  It got worse as the day went on and the restaurant finally closed at three and I headed home to spend the rest of the night snowed in with my hubby and furry loves.

I checked facebook when I got home.  I wanted to know what other people were doing to pass the blizzard.  I saw lots of meals they had prepped, crafts for their kids and of course…many on-line games (see previous post).  I was excited I was already prepared on the food front.  I had put my very first roast in the oven before I left for work.

“domesticated alert”:  I work with a lot of ladies of all ages.  They all cook to some extent and I talked to many of them before my roast.  What I learned is that everyone does it differently.  But everyone said one thing the same…”you can’t screw it up”….I did.  Burnt crispy.  I thought I kept it low enough but did not.  Turns out no matter how low after four hours you’re pretty much screwed.  Lesson learned.  In the future I will try again and hopefully have a recipe of my own to post to anyone who may reference it.

So no food cooked…but we had enough in the house.  Andy and I settled in to do what we do best…and what remains as the number one reason to hold off on the baby front…have fun…and a lot of it.  Out came the beer, on went the xbox and music and what ensued was hours of uno, yahtzee, boggle (all via xbox, thank you no-clean up), a small dance party for two where we tried to perfect our break dance moves and a large amount of time spent making useless bets just to see who had to let the dogs out next.  We went to bed late and we were still awake an hour later…(it’s ok mom keep reading)…because we acted like two 12 year old girls at a slumber party. (Sorry if that offends you honey…you know it’s true).

We laughed so hard our faces and stomachs hurt.  We had stained the pillows with tears from the never ending bouts of jokes.  We fought over some covers, made more bets to see who was going to go downstairs for water and eventually let the dog out for the last time and fell asleep.

This is the never ending pendulum.  This is what happens.  We have my nephews in this house and we love when they are here.  We get happy and comfortable and love the routine.  Then we have nights like the snowed in one and know that they would be fewer and farther between if there was a baby in the picture.  So take stock tonight you folks out there without the little ones.  Let loose.  Have some fun with your best friend (hoping that’s who you married).  For the rest of you.  Do the same.  Let this post serve as a reminder and ship those babies off to the nearest relative for a night and stay in.  Just because you don’t have the kids for a night doesn’t mean you have to go out.  You can stay right in your own house and not worry about the music being too loud or having to count how many hours of sleep you are going to get if you go to bed right “now”.

Get snowed in my friends.  Get snowed in with or without the snow.  Act like you are 12.  It’s ok.  Laugh.  Have some fun.  Remind yourself why you married that person.  Because I have to say that one thing I’m learning is that most times when I am reminded…it’s not because of the sweet things he does, it’s not from flowers he bought or snuggling me close….Although those things do happen…most times when I say to myself “this is why”…is because he has done something that has made me laugh until my stomach hurts.

Have a dance party….who knows…maybe tomorrow you will get flowers.

Article by Brenna Cudzilo

Wife and world record holder of wing-sauce ordered with food not comprised of the words "wings, boneless, buffalo, et al.".

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  1. Honey, Dad and I still laugh like that! One of the best things going for you! That will get you through a LOT of times when life is not so much fun! Great post!

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