My thoughts about Ben…

One voice.  One little voice.  One little, tiny voice has had more impact on our town, community, personal lives and faith than many other voices that came before.

I want to begin by saying that I do not know Ben’s family at all.  I’ve never met any of them.  I simply found their blog like I assume most others did…as it was posted or shared on facebook.

When I first began reading it was already in the late stages of Ben’s life.  I actually tried not to read most times because I wasn’t prepared for the emotional roller coaster I would go on…I had to get back to work…I had other things to do…I couldn’t sit down and cry for a period of time……..then I started really thinking about his family.  Like his mom has time to post on a blog??  Yet she does.  She does because she knows people want to hear…people want to pray and she can share her faith through this whole experience by just finding the time to type.   God Bless Her.

So I started reading more diligently.  I started following.  My heart broke with everyone else’s as we read the words of Ben’s deterioration.  We all wanted prayer to be enough.  We wanted a miracle for this family.  We all thought about our own and cherished them a little more and thought that if enough of us gathered maybe there would be some movement by God for us to save this boy from his fate.

This post began because I wanted to talk about perspective.  I wanted to talk about being grateful for your own healthy babies and watching them grow.  That every time you get too tired or think it’s too much…to think about the people that would kill to have just one more day.   That’s what I was going to write about.  I wanted people to see that every day is a gift and that we are not guaranteed tomorrow and that we should see so much as a blessing that we don’t.

But I think that message has been clearly received.

I’ve see so many facebook posts about loving your children, cherishing them, holding them tight…thanking God for their health….and that is really wonderful.  We all need a little reality check sometimes.  So I decided to bring up another point.  One that from reading Mindy’s posts….I think she would agree with………


We all know how to love and cherish our children and the ones closest to us…we all know that every day is a gift….we all know that cancer is a sickness with no boundaries threatening the young, old, happy, faithful, wealthy and poor.  But do we really have the faith?

It is remarkable to read about Ben’s family and how through these absolute terrible times they remained faithful to God and His plan.  It is unbelievable to read that they could find reasons to celebrate in such a time of pain.  It is admirable to see that through this entire battle they never once blamed God.  They may have been angry…and sad…but they didn’t blame.

That my friends….is something we should all still learn from.

Many of us have faith.  We have a belief.  We have a fight in us to see God’s word spread throughout our world and see it’s works do wonders in the people around us.  But how strong is that faith?  Would we still have it if one so close to us was taken from us?

Ben’s family taught me about dedication.  You agree to love God.  You agree to believe in God.  You agree that God was here, that Jesus came and died on the cross….but when God attacks your family…your friends…you feel like you may have been wrong.  Your whole faith is shaken.  You ask why?  You ask how?  You wonder what you could have done better….all the while missing the fact that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.  The fact that He has a plan…for everything.  You feel like something bad shouldn’t have happened to you?….I dare you to pick someone else out of this world and say “them”….if anything bad is going to happen I want it to happen to “them”………..why “them”?

I think that Ben’s life/story has brought faith back to more people than his family will ever know.  They are a perfect example of the fact that bad things can happen to anyone….and they are the perfect example of the fact that you can CHOOSE how you handle those things and CHOOSE what you are going to do with those battles.

I think Ben’s story is the absolute epitome of things you can’t always explain.

We don’t know God’s plan.  But with Ben I can tell you that while his family may still be asking why this had to happen to them…I can tell you from my own personal life…and from other’s close around me that Ben has changed lives.  Ben has given people faith where faith was lost.  Ben has taught people to pray who never prayed before and helped others pray who hadn’t prayed in a very long time.  Ben has reminded people that there is a God.  He has reminded people that we all have an inner strength.  He has reminded the world of the innocence that resides in it and reminded the population that we are to care and comfort one another at all costs.

He has taught us so many lessons that years in church and many sermons could never do.  His life has changed thousands in it’s all too short time here on earth.  I thank God every day that he was born to the wonderful parents he was given to and that his mother had the strength to share her story.

We are all just living on this earth for a moment.  We will all reside elsewhere for eternity.  Thank you Ben for reminding us.  Thank you to his family for sharing.  Thank you to the community who pulled together and took the reminders to heart.

Ben will never be forgotten.  His family will always be in my prayers.

Article by Brenna Cudzilo

Wife and world record holder of wing-sauce ordered with food not comprised of the words "wings, boneless, buffalo, et al.".


  1. Hard to believe his suffering is over now! Sometimes Mindy’s words were so hard to read, could not imagine living it! You are right that they brought FAITH to the forefront! Vonnie was right, you are a great writer! Love you

  2. Life is all about learning/growing. We’ve all learned a lot from a little boy and his family. May I have the faith to continue on this journey, even/especially when the road is bumpy.

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