My Belief System

I thought about starting a blog long before it actually happened.  One of the thoughts I often had was if I would have a page such as this.  One that spells it out right from the beginning what I believe in.  I thought why would I have such a page?  Why should I need to explain?  I can say what I want and explain my life stories without being so upfront.  My beliefs don’t have much to with so many of the things I’m bound to write about like a new carpet cleaner or babysitting my nephews, right?  But the truth is, my beliefs have everything to do with every single move I make in my life.  So then I wonder that if some day other people are reading this, I don’t want to turn them off before they have a chance to read posts by stating my beliefs in such a blunt matter.  However, like I stated in my “Who Am I” page, it really doesn’t matter how many people read this and this page will serve as a reminder to myself of what I believe to be true at this time in my life.  And truly if someone doesn’t want to read my words because of what I am about to write, well then…that’s ok with me.

So here I am going to try to sum it up in as few words as I can.  First and foremost…I believe in God.  I believe in a higher power.  I believe in miracles.  I believe that good can prevail over evil and I believe that kindness and generosity are what will make this world a better place, one that is someday suitable for our children’s children.  I believe in prayer and the power of it.  I believe that faith can get you through a storm and I believe family is a necessity and a blessing.  I believe in gratitude and thankfulness.  I believe that being thankful for what you have is what keeps you both humble and generous. I believe in hard work.  I believe in getting your hands dirty and making your body sore.  I believe in being self-confident and knowing who you are in your own skin.  I believe in helping others and being a good example.  I believe in telling the truth and that honesty would save us from a lot of problems.  Mostly, I believe in love.  I believe that loving each other is what can help people you don’t even know through a tough time.  Loving your family is more rewarding than any amount of money.  Loving your spouse…every single day…is both the toughest and easiest of all.  But commitment, sacrifice and yes, prayer and faith will help your relationship blossom into something that only God could give you.  Loyalty.  Honor.  Trust.  All things we crave…we must be willing to give.  I believe in all these things.  I believe in them strongly.  Some days I still must be reminded and some days it is really hard to stick to them.  I am a work in progress.  I am so far from perfect.  But every single day I will wake up and try again.  I will wake up and choose to love my husband.  I will wake up and choose to be a service to my family.  I will wake up and choose to be a hard worker, a good listener, a door opener, a smile giver and kind word given.  I will choose this, because this is what I believe and this is who I want to be.

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