Most times when I’m browsing the home goods aisle in a store…or as I like to call it..”domestics” (ehem…did you read that Andy?)…whenever I touch something, if my hubby is in eyesight he will undoubtedly yell “bud-geet” (for the sake of really bringing it to life you need to imagine him saying it as if his mid-way through a rap song and about to finish with the phrase “what-what”).  Budget is something we really try to focus on…and fail most of the time.  It kills me to write that last line because I’ve always considered myself really good with money.  I think that my love for the house has just over-taken some of my common sense.

We’ve tried every kind of budget since we’ve been married.  I’ve read quite a few books.  It always seems so discouraging when you read about a couple years younger than you are who have paid of their house that cost twice as much money already…..(screams at book “yea well…..I coupon!”).

Last night while looking at where we stand…we currently use the mint app for the phone and computer and it seems to work the best out of anything so far…(when we look at it)…I was a little disturbed at where we were.  My fault for not being more on top of things, once again proving I’m not as great at this as I thought.  I guess I just figured if it got bad…my hubby would let me know.  I forgot something pretty important…my hubby doesn’t really tell me no.  If the money is there…even if we really don’t need that drain hair catcher..he’s going to tell me I can buy it.  It’s me who has to be more aware for myself.

So as I fell asleep I was trying to think of places to cut back.  I know where they are…I think we all do.  For me it starts with the housewares..no more tablecloths or cloth napkins (I LOVE LOVE my set dining room table)…no more baskets even if Micheal’s has them 50% off…no more spring decorations or frankly ANYthing that lights up from Kirklands.  Nope.  All done for now.  Then we go to some of the essentials.  I’ve gotten away from my coupon-ing. I was getting really, really good at it but having my sister’s babies here kind of threw things off.  But I can do better.  Back on track.  No more grab off the shelf groceries…only plan meals around the coupons.  Yep…did it before…need to do it again.  So all these things are things I’m familiar with and things I’m almost looking forward to getting back to so I can see our bank account rise with that indoor front porch re-do in mind.

But I wanted to kick-start it.  I wanted to do better.  I wanted to see some immediate results…(other than the carpet cleaner that just arrived from qvc that I packed up and sent back today…yes…I want that money back please…I lied…and we shouldn’t buy this…thank you 30 day money-back guarantee). So I decided to try something a little different.  I’m going to try to go two weeks without spending any money. Yup…14 whole days.  Some people would probably think this is impossible..others would probably laugh at how simple it would be for them.  I originally wanted to make it a month but I want to set myself up for success here..and because I’m a first timer…well…let’s be realistic.  Now…it does have some loop-holes…I will be spending money on gas…and probably a few other things that will be a must…and I am going to go grocery shopping tomorrow for some meat.  I know we’re low on ground turkey (which we eat a lot…tacos…my meatloaf…etc) and I want to buy some beef…I want to clean out my fridge and freezer and save us some dollar bills!!!  No drinks with the ladies, no target splurge, no eating out! (That will be where we fall if we do)

I’m going to keep updating the progress.  I don’t think this will be easy.  But I like to see results.  And I feel like I need to make up for the spring-decorated wooden “C” that I’m staring at right now that was a must-have. (I have a problem with all things monogrammed)…::sigh::  I really hope I don’t see anything monogrammed the next two weeks…March first…I’m ready for you!…March 14th…HURRY UP!

P.S.  The carpet cleaner was already set to go back as it cleaned the kitchen and hard wood but wasn’t so hot on the carpet…and the drain hair catchers were never ordered…but I’m pretty sure they will be my first purchase on March 15 🙂

Article by Brenna Cudzilo

Wife and world record holder of wing-sauce ordered with food not comprised of the words "wings, boneless, buffalo, et al.".

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