Budget Update

I wanted to finish up the post I made about my budget.  I vowed to go two weeks without spending any money and today marks the 14th day.  I wanted to write down how good (and not so good) I did.

I never went to target.  I never went to wal-mart.  I was able to stay out of all stores and with more ease than I anticipated.  So there were no purchases made for the house or myself at all.  That challenge was complete.

I never bought groceries.  Andy wanted to go at the one week mark because we were out of milk and peanut butter which are two of his staples.  I informed him that I made the “no money” vow myself and I didn’t want to make choices for him so if he wanted those things he was more than welcome to go to the store and buy them for himself……….we still have no milk and peanut butter.  I think someone is used to only one person doing the grocery shopping in this house.  So challenge complete on the grocery front as well.

I filled up my car with gas once.  I expected that and even used some gift cards that I had left over from work to soften that blow.

We went out to eat.  Twice.  I know, I know….it was yesterday (Saturday) and last Saturday as well.  I knew the weekends would be so hard and I didn’t do good at all with preparing a crock pot meal ahead of time.  I know that I could have last Saturday.  So that was a definite fail.  We did go to mexican both times which is a fairly cheap option for both of us and there are coupons for the restaurant which we used both times.  So coupons were a plus…not being prepared was a negative.

All in all I am happy with the two weeks.  I realize that there is serious truth in what people say about staying out of the stores in general.  You can’t want what you don’t see.  I never knew if there was some amazing storage basket that went on sale at target and I have no idea if baby clothes went on clearance.  That’s ok.  I didn’t need it and I did good.

I have seen an increase in our bank account.  Just from these two weeks.  There has been a big decrease in my pantry and fridge which was the point but that means that a grocery trip is inevitable pretty soon.  I will be ready though.  I have my coupons.  I have searched the ads.  I have meals planned for this week and half of next based on what is on sale.  I have a list.  I will stick to it.  So to any readers out there I will say this…try it.  It can’t hurt.  Even if you only succeed two days…that’s two days you saved money instead of spending it.  Challenge yourself.  Look around and see what is really necessary.  When you need encouragement, look at your bank account.  Look at the numbers and imagine them going higher.  Then look at what you want to buy and decide if it’s really worth it.

I struggled mid week last week and I just spent an entire night watching youtube videos on how to “do it yourself” bathroom remodel.  I know I said our front porch is going to be our big summer project but if the videos were any indication I think I’m brave enough to attempt the bathroom too.  I can promise you those will really be posts worth reading.  I’m sure were going to have a LOT to talk about.

So give it a go.  Try to take a break from your wallet.  I think it was worth it and I can honestly say I didn’t struggle that hard.  I’m thinking I will try this more often over the next few months and really try to envision my porch with new windows and a pretty rug.  Hopefully there is something you can work towards as well….if not…I hear Tuesdays are when Target marks most of their home goods on sale 🙂

Article by Brenna Cudzilo

Wife and world record holder of wing-sauce ordered with food not comprised of the words "wings, boneless, buffalo, et al.".

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