An Open Letter To Garth Brooks

My open letter to Mr. Garth Brooks,

I don’t know about you, but here in Buffalo we are all still feeling the after shock of our “Garth” weekend. The facebook feeds are still showing picture after picture of everyone’s great night. The talk hasn’t stopped and I’ve see many shirts representing their time. You coming here was so very special to so many of us and I think that I can speak for us all when I say “thank you” just doesn’t do it justice.

I want to tell you some things about Buffalo you may already know. We know snow. We know it, we deal with it, we play in it, we make games around it and we get rid of it. We are some of the kings and queens of the white stuff. We handled a massive storm in November in about a week while other cities would have been buried for months. We help each other. When the weather hits us harder we just ban together and do whatever possible to keep our lives functioning all around towers of snow. We live here because as much as we may complain about the weather, the truth is, we do love the snow.

As true as those statements are I need to tell you something that you may not know. We are all fed up with the snow. I can feel the cold down to my bones. Aside from foot after foot of snow every day we are challenged with temperatures we haven’t seen in years. With the Sabres juggling last place and football season over we have little use for our mini grills and snow pants. With most lake jumping, skiing and skating events past us we have little to look forward to. For the first time in a very long time, we are all just down, cold, crabby and most of all shut in.

And then you, Mr. Brooks, came in like a breath of fresh air. You announced your coming and gave thousands of us something to look forward to. We showed you we needed more of you, and you gave that to us too. Announcing more shows so that more of us could feel the excitement. You gave us hope and once again, we started to feel warmth. You gave us a reason to hire a baby-sitter, a reason to get dressed up, a reason to go on a much needed date night, a reason to smile, a reason to look forward to something the weather could not affect.

Then we came to your show. Those weeks of excitement finally here. You must have been so tired and yet, there I was at the late show on Friday and you came out and played like it was your first show ever. I was in awe of you and your dedication to your fans. Your wife came out and gave us her sweet side and a glimpse into your beautiful relationship and then you came back. And you stayed with us, for a very long time. The more we screamed, the more you played and never once did you make us feel like we may be a burden to you, instead you acted as if it was your gift to simply be playing for all of us. I already knew I was a big fan of yours, but now I have an all new respect for you.

In the days since you’ve left the sun has been shining. A whopping 35 degree day has pushed everyone outside. Kids trying to play again, dogs walking and some people breaking down the mountains of snow that still remain on their property. Everyone seems a little bit happier, everyone seems to have a little more patience. And I do believe, it all started with you Mr. Brooks, and the breath of fresh air that you brought with you.

We love you in Buffalo. You will always be welcomed here. And we can’t thank you enough for reminding us all what spring feels like. It feels like people, just loving people.

Dedicated Fan,

Brenna Cudzilo

Garth Brooks Concert!
Garth Brooks Concert!

Article by Brenna Cudzilo

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