Who I Am…

My name is Brenna.  I am wife, daughter, sister, aunt, mom and friend…not necessarily in that order.  Why decide to start a blog?  Simply because I did not want to forget.  Maybe some day there will be thousands of people reading this…maybe in ten years my mother will still be the only one.  Either option is fine by me.  I just know that my life has been a learning experience in a million different ways.  I’m committed to evolving, changing, learning and growing. So on this page you will find quite a spread of emotion, learning experiences, topics and thoughts.  I want to remember where I came from.  I want to remember where I started.  I want to remember what my marriage was like in the beginning and at times look back and remember the lessons that may fade with time.  So if you are somebody new, if you are free to read for the next few minutes of your life and if you do want to know what is happening with us then open up a post and please dive in.  You may find my guide to repainting your bathroom grout, my joy of spending time with my family…especially the little ones, my frustration with my husband, my struggle being a mom or the latest on our miracle baby.  So follow along if you like, I can promise you we’ll laugh together.

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